Welcome My name is Adam Nahirnyj and I am a UX/UI designer. Please take a look at my UX/UI, Web Design work. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.


When I was at Meijer, we created UI specs. for everything. This practice was very time consuming and tedious, but when it came to passing the project over the fence to our development team, they had all of the information they could ever want. This is about the same time that the Lean UX movement was really taking off.

When I left Meijer, I looked forward to ditching old school UI specs./waterfall process in favor of a fast-pased agile environment. That is exactly what happened, instead of passing UI specs. to the development team, we provide them with prototypes to reference when programming. The beauty of this process is that it is extremely fast; we can meet with users to test the interface in the morning, make any required updates and send it to development in the afternoon to program. This process would have taken days if UI specs. were written.

After using this process for awhile, we started to notice something; as the complexity of the interfaces increased, and believe me health care seems seems to have a lot more complexity than e-commerce, the number of questions from the development team became grew and grew to the point where we were spending a lot of time answering questions rather than designing – questions that probably would have been answered in a UI spec. We started making more annotations on our prototypes and creating more support documents.

I so badly wanted to stop creating UI specs. and jump on the Lean UX bandwagon that I stopped realizing the value of what we were doing. Every process has it’s pros and cons and every company is different. We need to be flexible and adaptable enough to realize what works and doesn’t work for the particular situation and develop a process that works for the environment we are in.

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