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Why do people come to your e-commerce site?

A study from a Nielsen Group shows that 62% of the time users visit a site with a pre-determined goal. This can be broken down further to show that 35% of visits were to look for a particular type of product (without a specific product in mind) and 27% of visits were to look at a specific product. The rest of the time we are browsing, looking for promotions, or searching for inspiration.

This actually makes a lot of sense; think about how many times you’ve went to Home Depot’s web site just to see what it was all about. While, I’m sure that everyone would agree, we should make it as easy as possible for users to find the products or information that they want. Marketing people seem to have a very hard time with this concept, they have been trained to get the users attention, they want to sell you something or have you sign up for something or let you know about a super awesome promotion. This isn’t necessarily bad, until it gets in the way of the user completing their primary task, you know the one they came to your site for.

As users are navigating a site, they are making mental notes of what’s around. According to a study by UIE, 62% of users who browsed (vs. search) continued to look at other content after they fulfilled their primary task. Our focus should on getting users the products or information they want with a secondary objective of providing the user with the “window shopping” goodies and promos that they may come back to after they finish.

Every site is different, take some time to understand why users are coming to your site. This can be done by looking at self reported metrics, surveys, analytics, user interviews, diary studies, etc. Once you have an understanding of what your users want, use tools like cognitive walkthroughs or usability testing to see how your site stacks up.

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